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Less risk Various flavours No unpleasant smell

Unicco is a new, tobacco-free alternative, made of tea with added nicotine salt for use in heat-not-burn (hnb) devices.

Clean technology

Gives the experience of smoking without tobacco, using tea and other herbs


Free of tobacco, heavy metals, formaldehyde, tar. Low temperature heating instead of burning: there is no flame, ash or passive smoking.

Various flavours

The teas and herbs used provide a great base for different flavours, so you can enjoy the aroma of menthol or different fruits.

Unicco provides a constant amount of vapour

Constant amount of vapour

Due to its special structure and production technology, Unicco provides a stable amount of vapour for up to 5-6 minutes.


Controlled temperature

Unicco’s special structure solved the problem of proper heat dissipation, resulting in much more stable, controlled temperature and a better taste.

Blast version

Flavoured Unicco products are blast herbal sticks. The characteristic flavors are released by squeezing a tiny aroma capsule.

The story behind

The birth of Unicco

Healthier smoking?

Large tobacco companies have been looking for the opportunity and technology for healthier smoking in the previous decades. There were several ideas:

  • electronic cigarettes
  • heat-not-burn devices
In some ways, these ideas complement each other, in some ways they compete with each other. Heat-not-burn devices represent the latest type of smoke-free technology. The devices heat up herbal sticks containing real tobacco to a temperature of about 250 – 350°C (without burning). This temperature is sufficient to release nicotine and tobacco flavour, however in the absence of combustion, inhalation of many harmful substances can be avoided. The use of heat-not-burn devices much more similar to the experience of smoking than e.g. e-cigarettes, thus can be the first step on the road towards quitting. The recent recognition by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as a reduced risk type of smoking was an important milestone in the development of heat-not-burn technology. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that the risk has only been reduced, but not eliminated.

Further reduction of risk with nicotine-free alternatives

After heat-not-burn technology became quite widespread in major markets such as the USA and Japan, the idea of a new nicotine-free technology emerged targeting those who wanted to quit, social smokers and those with a higher health risk. Besides several other attempts, the green tea-based Ccobato herbal sticks became a huge success. There are two reasons for this: good flavourability and harmonious taste, which results from the fact that completely different technology is used to make green tea heatable. Therefore, we believe that green tea-based herbal sticks represent the evolution of heat-not-burn technology.

What’s next? The nicotine version of tea

During the development, it became clear that there is an unexpected result that we did not even anticipate. Since nicotine-free Ccobato herbal sticks are made of green tea, they do not contain heavy metals and thus they will not be deposited in the lungs. That was the point where the question became exciting because by adding nicotine salt to clean tea-based herbal sticks made with clean technology, we can create a new, enjoyable, tasty, nicotine product for those who can’t get rid of nicotine addiction right away or don’t even want to, but would like to minimize the harmful effects of their passion. This is how Unicco was born from Ccobato.


How it works

Unicco cannot be used on its own, you need a so called heating device (tobacco heater, heat-not-burn, hnb device). You need to insert the Unicco herbal stick into this device. You turn on the device and within a short time (approx. 20-25 seconds) the device heats up the herbal stick to the appropriate temperature. Now you can start “smoking”.

Unicco provides constant amount of vapour for 5-6 minutes. This is mostly due to the special structure and manufacturing technology of Unicco, solving the problem of heat dissipation. Thus, at a properly controlled temperature, a sufficient amount of vapour is released (50-80% more vapour than in other conventional herbal sticks of the hnb market).

Which heat-not-burn devices can be used with Unicco?

Unicco is compatible with most commercially available heating devices, such as Ccobato, Hitaste, iBuddy, IQOS, iSmod, Cubic, Uwoo.

When using Unicco, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the device.


What is Unicco made of?

Unicco was created by combining natureand state-of-the-art technology. It has three basic ingredients: tea, mintand nicotine salt. Flavoured, blast versions have a tiny aroma capsule that contains natural flavours.




From menthol to fruits

Wide range of flavours

Do you hang on to natural flavours? Or do you love mint? Maybe you would like to “smoke” fruit? Unicco thinks of everyone. You will find flavours that are not found in tobacco products. Maybe this will be the thing that will help you quit your bad habit?



Unicco blueberry herbal stick




Unicco blueberry herbal stick

Hami melonBlast


How is Unicco different?

Unicco and cigarettes

The biggest difference is between Unicco and analogue cigarettes.

What are the similarities?

  • both contain nicotine

What are the differences?

  • cigarettes burn at a high temperature (800°C), Unicco is heated to a low temperature (250-350 ° C)
  • cigarettes contain tobacco and Unicco contains tea and herbs
  • cigarette contains nicotine due to the tobacco inside, while Unicco contains added natural nicotine salt
  • Unicco does not contain heavy metals, formaldehyde, tar as opposed to cigarettes
  • when using Unicco there is no flame, ash, while when using a cigarette there is
  • there is no passive smoking when using Unicco

    Unicco and e-liquid

    Unicco used in the heat-not-burn devices and e-liquid used in e-cigarettes are both alternative, smokeless, less risky products compared to traditional smoking, but at the same time, they differ greatly in their use and production.

    What are the similarities?

    • both contain nicotine (e-liquid also has a nicotine-free version)
    • they do not contain tobacco
    • no burning, tar, ash
    • no passive smoking

    What are the differences?

    • Unicco is heated to a low temperature (250-350°C) in the heating device (hnb), while e-liquid is converted into vapour in the e-cigarette device
    • Unicco contains nicotine salt of natural origin, while e-liquid contains synthetically produced nicotine
    • Unicco contains natural flavours, while e-liquid contains artificial flavours
    • using Uniccco feels much more like the experience of smoking, so switching can be easier

    Unicco and tobacco herbal sticks with nicotine

    Regarding shape and use, Unicco is similar to tobacco-based herbal sticks (eg. Heets, Marlboro, Fiit) used in heat-not-burn (hnb) devices, but regarding ingredients, they have nothing in common.

    What are the similarities?

    • both contain nicotine
    • both can be used in heat-not-burn devices
    • they are heated to a low temperature (250-350°C)
    • no burning, ash, tar
    • no burning, ash, tar
    • no passive smoking

    What are the differences?

    • tobacco herbal sticks contains tobacco, while Unicco contains tea and herbs
    • as Unicco does not contain tobacco at all, it is not a question whether the harmful substances in tobacco are released also by heating or only by combustion;
    • tobacco herbal sticks contain nicotine due to their tobacco content, while Unicco contains added natural nicotine salt

      Unicco and Ccobato

      Ccobato is the nicotine-free tea-based herbal stick of Unicco’s manufacturer.

      What are the similarities?

      • both can be used in heat-not-burn devices
      • they are heated to a low temperature (250-350°C)
      • they do not contain tobacco
      • no burning, tar, ash
      • no passive smoking
      • flavoured by natural flavours

      What are the differences?

      • Unicco contains nicotine salt of natural origin, while Ccobato is completely nicotine free

      Directions for use

      Is Unicco right for me?

      Unicco herbal herbal sticks are for you if:

      • You want to “smoke” with as little risk as possible
      • You’ve already tried smoke-free heat-not-burn technology, but you would like to try different, more exciting flavours
      • You’ve tried to quit smoking several times, but you lacked nicotine, so you need to take an intermediate step before you quit smoking permanently.
      • You don’t want to expose those around you to the harms of passive smoking
      • You’ve already tried green tea and herb-based nicotine-free Ccobato herbal sticks, but you still feel you need nicotine

      Unicco is not to be used by people under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those suffering from heart and circulatory diseases.

        Our mission

        The future of Unicco

        In an ideal world, all smokers quit smoking and nicotine. But in the real world, even in 2025, at least 1.1 billion people will smoke, according to statistics. We, as the European representatives of the manufacturer of Unicco, hope that these non-tobacco products, approved by scientific research, will take the place of cigarettes and be an ideal choice for smokers.

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